Faraway lands... Foreign wonders.... and even distant planets.

Teaching children about such places used to mean just books or watching documentaries but now you can do much more than that. Take them right there with Google Expedition Kits from RedboxVR.

You probably already know about Google expeditions but let me ask you this, have you ever considered introducing immersive learning into your classroom? These amazing virtual journeys combine 3D imagery and panoramas, all loaded with details, points of interest and questions to transport children right into the heart of the subject. 

RedboxVR are the only Official Google Expedition Kit Partner in the UK, based in the North West of England from where we deliver to clients throughout the UK and Europe, and as far away as the Middle East, Far East, the USA, Africa and Australia.

Our continuing research into the latest technological advances in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality allow us to provide the ultimate immersive learning experience.

All of our kits are UK made and self-contained so absolutely everything you need is included and ready to go. This is technology that doesn't get in the way, it paves the way for engaging, exciting learning like never before!

You simply have to see and try our kits yourself to get an idea of how amazing they are, so please get in touch and let us arrange a special demonstration for you. 

Take your school's children beyond the classroom to new countries and even new worlds with Google Expedition Kits from Redbox VR.


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