eTeach is the UK’s Leading Education Recruitment Specialist and the Global Number 1 Education Job Board, helping schools recruit better, smarter, faster by providing the tools that deliver relevant teachers, leaders and support staff on time, via Continuous Candidate Engagement (CCE).

Why eTeach?

We help schools recruit better, smarter and faster by providing the tools that deliver relevant teachers, leaders and support staff to your school, MAT or college.
Powered by social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies, the eTeach Applicant Tracking System is the market leader in recruitment software for schools and colleges.  

It enables and empowers your school to attract and engage with more relevant teachers, faster and smarter, with a suite of cost-cutting tools, including advert broadcasting, online and ‘1-click’ applications, your own bespoke career site and year-round Talent Pooling facilities.

Because advertising on is totally unlimited and includes leadership vacancies, eTeach is leaps and bounds ahead of any competitors in both value and functionality.  
This year, we want schools to break the cycle of agency dependence and embrace the tools and strategy to take control of your recruitment spend for good.

The eTeach ATS – your suite of tools to achieve Continuous Candidate Engagement and take control of your recruitment spend. School recruitment has entirely changed and the advertising model used only five years ago no longer yields the results you need.

Teachers are increasingly the new generation X and millennials. Candidates are better informed and connected than ever before. Social media builds brands and bridges, fast, so you have to compete with that speed if you want to connect with top talent.

More than 50% of education professionals job-seeking on are doing so on their mobiles, so if your adverts are not there, mobile-optimised and offering an online application process, you’re invisible.
Teaching careers are fluid as teachers seek out a better way to manage their workloads, in a different school, or different working pattern.

The schools who don’t maintain a Talent Pool for supply teachers or a Talent Pool of local career teachers to approach when vacancies arise feel the oppressive weight of unplanned of agency costs.

Candidates are not choosing to apply to schools with outdated recruitment practices.

Power has shifted to the candidates and you are no longer interviewing – you’re pitching.  That means candidates must be increasingly invested in your brand throughout their journey with you.  Your eTeach Career Site serves as a hub from which to showcase your unique selling points as a career destination of choice.

As a school, you need to adapt and renew your approach to school recruitment to compete for teaching talent.  

What you need now is a few simple tools to create and grow your own teacher community with whom you engage earlier, more often and continuously, to nurture the talent pipeline you need and recruit for your school. This is eTeach.

How to use eTeach to achieve Continuous Candidate Engagement

Widen your net: The use of year-round marketing of your school brand to invite candidates to register into a Talent Pool, ready to call on when a vacancy arises. Because advertising via an eTeach licence is unlimited, you can create bespoke messages, reach out to niche teacher types and pre-emptively advertise for skills, even when you don't have a vacancy.  When you continuously market your employer proposition, the highest quality talent can find you year-round. Sometimes, uncovering those gems will actually drive and shape your workforce growth plans.   
Showcase your Employer Brand on your bespoke Career Site and social media profiles to market your school and vacancies continuously and proactively drive candidates to apply to join your Talent Pool… then, use the internal communications systems to nurture their interest.   
Make it easy for them to reach you! Break down the barriers to teacher engagement by replacing long downloadable application forms with online forms and instantly-populating 1- click apply from our online profile-builder.
Cultivate a community of teaching talent - continuously nurturing the candidates in your talent pool, sometimes for years, creating a community of talent for your school.
Make use of the Industry’s BEST Applicant Tracking Software – make the whole process of managing recruitment easy. Manage references, move candidates between workflows, engage with them consistently via automated and personal messaging choices and save hours in admin time and record keeping.
Schools see a tangible difference quickly when working with eTeach because our products and services are part of a joined-up strategy which is proven to successfully deliver the relevant candidates you want.  

With over 1.8 million candidates making over 1 million visits and over 1.2 million job views per month, an annual advertising licence for our mobile-optimised advertising platform and industry-leading Applicant Tracking System, eTeach gives you the technical edge to compete for and engage the best teaching talent year-round, whilst saving you money.

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