Enhancing teaching & learning within the digital landscape

Skooler is not one of the traditional learning platforms that have existed since the late 1990s. As a Microsoft partner, Skooler has developed learning management tools integrated with Office 365, providing unique work flows & practical tools for schools, teachers & students with a direct link to the Skooler parent portal. Skooler promotes best practices to prepare our students to become career ready. Just use what your teachers and students are already familiar with - Microsoft Office!

We are working with schools who are looking for a new approach to technology, without the heavy costs attached which is always a worry for stretched budgets, allowing them to remove outdated solutions which are no longer relevant to help prepare students with lifelong skills.

We’re seeing time and time again that schools can benefit hugely from adopting IT practices that are traditionally thought of as being ‘Business IT’, particularly when it comes to the cloud.
Schools who have opted for Office 365 feel confident their critical data is stored securely in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud server, and what’s more it comes with unlimited storage within OneDrive.

IT Managers/Network technicians can now play an active role, supporting the implementation of new Edtech, pulling away from general maintenance, recovery of passwords for the plethora of solutions & now become an integral part in building your workforce, for the future, through digital literacy.

Microsoft has really come a long way to support personalised learning and is a great example of empowering educators, engaging students and accelerating learners.

Does this mean that the tools provided in Office 365 are all that schools need?

“At Skooler, we don’t think so. Office 365 is the same all over the world and does not cover all educational requirements. Because of this, there will always be a need to supplement the tools in Office 365 with the additional tools needed to meet the requirements from central authorities concerning documentation, assessment against the performance targets in the lesson plan and ILPs, to mention just a few.”

Nils Olav Sundsteigen – Skooler Managing Director

Taking a new approach to teaching

Skooler’s mission is to do just this: we produce the tools that schools need in addition to Office 365, which is the world’s best collaborative platform.

Our aim is to simplify the use of Office 365 in and outside of the classroom, providing tools to assist with Planning, Communication & Collaboration, Assessment and Learning.

As Skooler is integrated within Office 365 and is also hosted within Microsoft Azure, we can achieve a deeper integration with Office 365 than learning platforms based outside the Microsoft family and hosted in a separate cloud. In addition, by creating a parent portal inside Azure, we can now give parents access to grades, feedback, absence details, important messages etc.

“We choose Skooler as it is the most effective way of extending Office 365 as a learning tool and to establish a better learning dialogue between staff, students and parents.”

Mark Bland, Headteacher at Abbotsfield School for Boys

By providing the tools that schools need in addition to Office 365, across all devices and by continuously enhancing these in close collaboration with Microsoft, we believe we are the natural choice for schools that has opted for Office 365.

“The South Norwood Academy has joined SKOOLER because we are seeking Office 365 solution that is managed, simple and effective. A solution that will deliver flexible working opportunities for pupils and teachers. A solution that works seamlessly on a range of digital devices.”

Stephen Schwartz  - Headteacher

Skooler and Office 365 – Just keeps on getting better!!
With the latest update from Microsoft, OneNote Class Notebook can now connect Skooler learning management tools – enabling teachers to create Skooler assignments from directly inside OneNote. Skooler also worked with the Microsoft team to introduce multiple grading schemes for OneNote assignments and we’re proud to be the launch partner for this functionality. 

Skooler’s pleased to announce, in addition to our unique Office365 Add-ins for Word & OneNote connection we can now provide a direct work flow from Excel and Powerpoint.

“Having recently trialled setting assignments using Skooler, it proved to be a great way of setting whole-class tasks, an easy way of collecting the completed work in, but, most importantly, a speedy way of giving feedback to the students.”

Mark Harrison - Geography teacher at Wymondham

There is no other learning management functionality better connected to Office365!

If you would like to find out more information or arrange a demonstration contact the Skooler team.