Education Support Partnership is the charity for all those working in education

We offer a wide range of free and paid for support services dedicated to ensuring individuals whether teachers or school leaders, and the organisations they work in, function at their best.

We are only too aware of the stresses and strains of teaching and of how easily it can become overwhelming. We help struggling teachers every day who call our confidential helpline desperate for help. Last year we helped education professionals with around 30,000 issues, many of whom called us in a state of crisis, panic and high distress. This continues to lead to high rates of sickness absence and teaching staff choosing to leave the profession.

In our last annual health survey, the overwhelming majority of education professionals told us they had suffered from some form of mental health problem in the last two years and more than half (53%) told us they felt their ill-health had impacted on their pupil’s studies.

Not adequately budgeting for staff wellbeing could be costing your school in terms of recruitment, staff absence, supply cover and reduced productivity. By contrast, schools which find the precious resource to focus on this area experience benefits far beyond just cost savings.

That’s why we provide a vast range of training and professional services to help leaders engage, energise and look after their staff, supporting recruitment and retention. 

A popular service is our Positive Workplace Survey. Designed specifically for schools and with bespoke options to address any specific challenges, not only does the survey offer a benchmark for evidencing progress but also results in improved engagement and performance both financially and culturally.

 “We use the survey as a system to gauge progress in relation to the vision, walk the talk and support the development of our cultures so that pupils can progress. It’s also a good benchmark and allows us to address emerging issues and patterns.” Gary Wilkie, Chief Executive and Executive Headteacher of Learning in Harmony Multi-Academy Trust

We can also help education organisation develop a healthy and nurturing workplace culture with our wide range of bespoke programmes focussing on:

  • developing a positive workplace culture
  • individual counselling and support
  • coaching and support for leaders
  • learning and development
  • health and wellness
  • other specific issues as required

Contact us for prices and more information.

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