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eBrit Services provides specialist support to education establishments. We are able to work efficiently, equally as the main contractor or sub-contractor.

Managing Asbestos in such establishments is complex, as is the remediation or removal, with works often planned to occur outside term time or working hours. Planning such events within a narrow time constraint can be difficult, impounded by the importance or delivering the project on time.

Occasionally such work cannot be undertaken during non-occupied times. eBrit has the capabilities to achieve this with minimal interference whilst maintaining maximum safety to all.

In all scenarios, eBrit are able to work with their client to plan, execute and deliver projects to high standards and with guaranteed satisfaction

eBrit Services Ltd are licensed with the HSE to remove all asbestos containing materials. Operational centres located in Essex and London enabling provision of such services UK wide. When you consider eBrit Services Ltd, you can be assured that the work will be undertaken to the very best standards as expected from a high-risk industry contractor.

Your Legal Responsibilities

If your educational establishment has identified asbestos containing materials, then you are duty bound by legislation to implement and maintain an accurate management plan that lists the locations and condition of such materials. The risk is measured with a series of assessments including the material, condition and location which are the combined using a set algorithm scoring system. The higher the score the bigger the risk and that will determine what actions are required.  Management plans are crucial to be able to identify asbestos that may be disturbed through general maintenance tasks or refurbishment work. It is against legislation to work in an environment that places a risk of exposure to asbestos. The asbestos management plan must be readily available to all parties at any time including the emergency services.

Planned Demolition, Refurbishment or Planned Maintenance Work

Work with asbestos requires the use and implementation of correct procedures and subsequent controls. If the work is poorly planned, then the consequences can be severe and far reaching.

Developing a scope of work is the first step; this can be achieved by having a thorough understanding your responsibilities as a duty holder. In the terms of CDM 2015 you (the client) is responsible for providing adequate information to where asbestos can be found within your premises.

Although it may not be a legal requirement, it is highly recommended that you use a UKAS accredited surveying company. There are three categories:

Management – for identifying then further managing asbestos in all work place buildings, the register created through the survey will form the basis of the Asbestos Management Plan.

Refurbishment – for the purpose of identifying asbestos in all parts of a building that  will be subject to any refurbishment works. The survey is destructive and requires access to all areas where unlimited samples will be taken for analysis. Ideally the location of the survey needs to be unoccupied but with the direct planning with the surveyor this problem can be overcome.

Demolition – for identifying asbestos in all parts of a building that will be subject to any demolition works. The survey is destructive and fully invasive and requires access to all areas where unlimited samples will be taken for analysis. Ideally the location of the survey needs to be unoccupied but with the direct planning with the surveyor this problem can be overcome.

Planning Asbestos Removal

Once you are satisfied with the survey report, the next step is to identify the asbestos materials that require remediation and or removal.

Asbestos remediation / removal falls into 1 of 2 categories. The category is determined by the type, use and condition of the identified asbestos containing material. The category further determines the control measures required for safe remedials, removals and disposal.

License Asbestos Removal Work for high risk asbestos containing materials, these include: Asbestos Insulation Board - Thermal Insulation (lagging) - Sprayed Coating Insulation
Non-License Asbestos Work for lower risk asbestos containing materials, these include: Cement Products - Floor Tiles - Roofing Tiles/Slates - Textured Coating - Electrical Flash Guards - Bitumen - Baker light Plastics

When you commit to eBrit Services, rest assured eBrit are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of your students and teachers.

For more information in regard to Asbestos management services we offer, please refer to our website.

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