D-Tech, bringing technology into your library.

The world of the library is changing, especially within the academic environment. It has become more and more apparent that the library is needing to do more with less. Technology can aid the efficiency of the library and can be a serious investment with regards to time and money. However, the wrong investment can damage the service that the library prides itself with. Choosing the right technology, support and maintenance can make a library thrive as well as giving patrons everything that they need.

At D-Tech we have worked extensively with librarians to ensure that our solutions give them the support and service that they deserve. Customer ideas and recommendations are taken on board to adapt and enhance our products. This has resulted in solid partnerships as well as products and solutions that do exactly what they say on the tin and much more. We are also the only company in this sector that design, develop and manufacture their own products allowing D-Tech to tailor products to ensure that the customer is provided with exactly what they want and need. Our moto is “Deliver what you need, not what we have”

Who we are.

Launched in 2002, D-Tech International is a privately owned company and is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high performance library technology products and services for public sector in the UK. D-Tech International USA was launched in 2012 and has become one of the lending RFID suppliers in the USA in a short period of time. This indicates our commitment to quality products and aftercare service. Our success has been built in the library sector but in recent years we have seen an increase in cross-sector demand for our EM, RF, RFIQ and RFID technologies for tracking, managing, protecting and forecasting demand.

With an impressive record of continued success we have earned a reputation as creative solution providers and forward thinking developers of new products to meet the needs of rapidly changing consumer demands. Research, development and system design is an important part of the company’s strategy for future growth and within that we are committed to developing environmentally friendly products.

What we can do for you.

D-Tech can enhance your library in a huge variety of ways to ensure that patrons are getting the best experience possible. This is all don’t whilst supporting the LCF (Library Communication Framework). As all of our hardware and software is developed and manufactured in-house we can therefore modify our products to your individual needs. This then results in little or no limits in what D-Tech International can do for you.

Our self-service solutions can fit all requirements and all budgets. Self-service allows library uses to borrow, return, renew, check reservations, and pay fines and fee with cash or card, contactless, even Apple Pay. You can chose between stand alone or desktop solutions to integrate within the surroundings of your library. The solution also has new interactive user functions, giving twitter feed information and user messages or even advertising on the main menu.

D-Tech’s security solutions can provide everything you could possibly want and need as well as catering for all budgets. You can have the perfect security system that integrates not only with your library surroundings but also with your Library Management System to deter and prevent theft. Our security solutions can also be enhanced with software that logs exactly which item set off the alarm and at what time.

Stock control has never been so easy! Our powerful RFID inventory wand gives unprecedented reading speeds. This therefore allows users to easily collect information from items on the shelves in just one pass. Visual and acoustic indicators alert when an item has been read with visual information to ensure a seamless stock take.

Now you can offer you patrons full access to their library surroundings with the use of our laptop self-service lockers. A multi-bay modular locker system designed to store safely and charge & deploy laptops and other similar devices. Available from 12 bays, the computeIT™ modular locker system can be tailored to suit the user’s needs.

Building control access is growing, D-Tech’s accessIT™ product allows libraries to extend their opening hours, giving libraries added value to the community. This unique solution also allows libraries to open in new locations with a lower operating cost which in turn enhances the user’s experience.

These products only scratch the surface of what D-Tech can do for you and your library. At D-Tech we have developed a wide range of products, especially enhancing the RFID technology we can give to libraries. Our products have shown great success globally and have been praised for their technological advances within the library.
As a company we are constantly producing and developing our product range as well as ensuring they are ergonomic, environmentally friendly and economical. Our latest self-service kiosk the Jet™ is our most stylish and advanced self-service kiosk as of yet and has been praised on how quick and easy it is to use. Enhancing RFID solutions to enable quick and efficient library use is one of our main goals. We can also provide and produce products that allow library access to library material and services during unstaffed library hours. Being the leader in RFID solutions we are proud to announce that we received a platinum award in Library Works’ second annual Modern Library Awards [MLAs.] The MLAs were created to recognise the top products in the library industry in a truly unbiased format. 

D-Tech works in partnership with other industry leaders to seamlessly integrate solution together allowing user to experience the best solutions and aftercare service possible.

Where are we?

With offices in the UK and US D-Tech have expanded globally which has allowed our products, services and software have enhanced new and existing library services all over the world. We can cater to libraries of all sizes. Public libraries in Enfield and Wolverhampton, Universities in Oxford and Scotland, schools in Newcastle upon Tyne and Bristol and many more in the USA are just to name a few of our extensive client base.

Product Services.

The company has a nationwide team of sales and technical consultants with admin and manufacturing based at their head office in Suffolk.
Excellent customer service with an emphasis on direct contact and support has been crucial to our success. We believe that our job is to provide our customers with the very best care so that they can maintain service levels to their customers. In the words of one of our satisfied customers “D-Tech understood what our success meant to us”. This fulfilled from the initial consultation to supply, installation, set up and maintenance.


At D-Tech International we are proud of our status as one of the leaders in RFID library solutions. We proud ourselves in being able to provide a service to any size library. Whether we are working with IT or library professionals, procurement professionals, architects or contractors our aim is to deliver solutions, products, software and service that will work and integrate within any library environment.

Strong libraries builds strong minds and having knowledge is power. We are ready to help you reach the full potential of your library and can ensure that it will be aesthetically pleasing as well as efficient. Let us help you give your patrons the best experience possible.