Custom Built Electrical Transformers

Majestic Transformer Co have been manufacturing single phase transformers and three phase transformers, along with chokes and transformer rectifier power supplies for over 70 years. They have a well-established workforce with a wealth of experience in manufacturing custom built transformers to meet many varied specifications and standards, from basic commercial & industrial, to educational, marine, medical, railways & defence.
Majestic Transformer Co are also suppliers of custom built transformers and inductors to many universities and other educational establishments across the UK, including the supply of specialist chokes for various research projects recently being undertaken by Newcastle University.

They are able to supply a wide range of custom built single phase transformers up to 32kVA, three phase transformers up to 150kVA and auto wound transformers up to 500kVA. They are also able to manufacture transformer/rectifier units up to 130kW. They are always happy to build just one unit if that is all you need or batches up to several thousand if required.

If you have a requirement that you are not able to find ‘off the shelf’ then give them a call or send them an Email and their experienced design and sales team will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer a custom built solution, usually with a very short lead time.

Majestic were recently approached by a local company wanting a “safe” mains supply for a training room designed to allow students to work on mains voltage electrical supplies without the risk of electrocution. In addition, just to make things more interesting the power supply must be rated at 2kW but should not trip a B curve MCB when energised. After much discussion, Majestic were able to design a suitable transformer unit with inrush current suppression on the input and the output of the isolation transformer was grounded at one end via an earthing resistor that would limit the earth fault current to approximately 5mA. As a secondary backup protection the output was also fed via a 10mA RCD unit. The unit was designed to incorporate various other switches and circuit breakers as required by the client. From initial enquiry to design, quote and completed product delivered to site the work was completed within 3 weeks and the customer is very happy with the resultant facility.

Having used variable transformers in a number of their products over the years, Majestic have established a deal with a major European variable transformer manufacturer to offer their range of products to the UK market. This also enables them to offer very competitive pricing for variable voltage power supplies. These supplies can be AC or DC output or both within one unit and can be low voltage for school laboratories or high voltage for specialist research projects.

ISO9001:2008 certification ensures that all their processes and controls are tightly controlled giving a reliable, long lasting product time after time. So you can feel confident that an order placed with Majestic Transformers will result in a quality product delivered in your required timescale and at a competitive cost.

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