Create your ideal learning space with collaboration displays from avocor

Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed an interactive revolution in the classroom, seeing teaching move from dusty chalkboards to large format displays. Teaching and technology have converged and teacher centric role delivering ‘rote learning’ has morphed into a more collaborative one. Interactive devices, large and small, are now regarded as ‘must have’ tools to facilitate the core teaching and learning function of demonstration and modelling.

Avocor creates market-leading, interactive, collaborative display solutions, specifically designed for the needs of the teacher and students in the classroom. Our core ethos is to deliver solutions to market which are simple and easy to use, therefore maximising technology adoption across educational environments. As pupils are surrounded by digital devices in the home and at school, it’s part of everyday life, the principle of the Avocor solution is to integrate the display at the front of the class into a more collaborative teaching environment. We listened carefully to the issues that were faced by teachers of integrating technology and the frustrations of technology adoption, ongoing training as well as software renewal costs, create a range of interactive displays that overcame all these barriers to teachers being able to deliver fantastic teaching in the classroom.

With future developments in education centred around digital content, leading to collaborative learning environments in the classroom and virtual ‘at home’ study, Avocor are committed to creating technology that will play a vital part in enabling this learning shift

Our interactive solutions are designed to create a natural and intuitive environment which encourages a more collaborative way of learning with ultra-fast, multi-touch points. Captivate your audience and bring lessons to life with crystal-clear, 4K visuals and high-quality, engaging audio. Encourage class collaboration with a tablet-like writing experience that is as natural as putting pen to paper. Students can enjoy a platform that is completely agnostic, enabling users to connect to virtual learning software and tools, taking learning from the classroom to the cloud.

With 2 different series to select from, Avocor have a solution for every need and requirement. Designed for education, the Avocor E series combines cutting-edge, lightweight LED technology with ultra-thin, 2mm optically bonded glass, delivering a touch experience which is fast, smooth and reliable. Optimised for Windows 10, the E series includes edge swipe, for a tablet-like feeling on a large format display and the anti-fingerprint / anti-glare glass gives an effortless natural writing experience, enhanced by object recognition, transitioning quickly between pen, finger and palm for a seamless experience. With 4K screen resolution and integrated 30W, forward-facing speakers, this IR display range is extremely cost-effective yet incredibly high-performing.

Our flagship range, the Avocor F series delivers the ultimate collaborative experience and represents the very latest in touch screen innovation, combining state-of-the-art design features with next generation InGlass™ technology for a superior writing and annotation user experience that supports up to 20 individual touch points. The pixel perfect, 4K display produces incredibly rich visual content, the front-facing soundbar module delivers a crisp, clear audio performance for an engaging lesson.

All Avocor solutions include a comprehensive offering of intuitive software applications, creating engaging content for an immersive learning experience.

Enjoy a lifetime license of Qwizdom OKTOPUS education software, an interactive teaching tool that enhances student learning. Built to run on 4K OKTOPUS features over 70 subject specific tools based on a wide range of curriculum topics and enables teachers to create and deliver highly engaging lessons that are truly immersive.

Also included with every Avocor display is a 3-year subscription to Ximbus by Qwizdom, a convenient and easy to use, cloud-based software platform. Ximbus enables quick and easy lesson preparation, presentation and collaborative white-boarding, and integrates seamlessly with the Google G-Suite and Microsoft One Drive.

All Avocor displays include Avocor Note by Nureva™, an easy to use, whiteboarding application that comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive range of interactive tools. With a selection of professionally created backgrounds, images and icons, the software has been specially designed to enable every user to create great looking whiteboard content, simply.