Controlling Moisture in Concrete under Floor Coverings

Markham Global

Markham Global offer proven but innovative hydrogel concrete additives and spray-applied treatments to create a highly effective moisture/vapour barrier, deep within new or aged concrete substrates. This eliminates common issues such as delamination of hard floor coverings and absorption of bio fluids.

Free moisture in concrete is at the root of all major causes of flooring failures.

Our Aquron treatments react with the alkalinity of the concrete to transform this free moisture into an immobile hydrogel.

The hydrogel that is formed products through a simple reaction by these complex eliminate or significantly reduce the typical effects of free moisture in the failure of floor coverings over concrete in the following ways.

Drying Shrinkage – By retaining the moisture in the concrete within the hydrogel during the curing period, drying shrinkage is reduced by up to 70%. This significantly reduces the potential for substrate movement which can cause a disruption to/failure of hard floors such as tile/wood etc.

Adhesive Performance – Most current flooring adhesives are water based. As the ambient humidity above the flooring is typically lower than in the concrete substrate, free moisture is drawn to the surface which then emulsifies and breaks down the adhesive. This is then compounded by the hydrostatic pressure generated by the migrating moisture delaminating the tiles/vinyl/laminate from the concrete. The immobilisation of this free moisture within the hydrogel prevents this migration and its consequences, to ensure a stable substrate for the long term.

Absorption of Bio Fluids – In hospitals and care centres, there is a certain potential for the contamination of carpets with urine and other bio fluids over time, causing breakdown of the flooring/adhesives and accumulating residual odours. These carpets can be replaced but any fluids that penetrate into the concrete substrate below remain and continue to be a hygiene/odour issue. The formation of the hydrogel prevents the absorption of these fluids which ensures the replacement of the floor covering is genuinely effective.

These products have been proven in many educational and healthcare facilities globally for over 30 years and are guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years.

Markham Global have successfully treated over 6,000,000 square metres of concrete on over 4,000 projects.

How can you utilise our support and expertise to provide superior moisture control in floor substrates using the high performance Aquron concrete treatments?

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