C-Tec Building Solutions

C-Tec Building Solutions

C-Tec Building Solutions are a company who design develop and distribute revolutionary problem preventing products for the construction and repair market. They have bought to the market unique products which have replaced the outdated and often poor quality products that professional trade’s people, up until now, have used.

C-Tec is responsible for the revolutionary CT1 Sealant and Adhesive, which is commonly known as the snag list eliminator. CT1 has changed the world of sealants, adhesives and maintenance repair which can also be applied on wet surface and even underwater with an instant seal. CT1 is also the strongest construction adhesive on the market and can bond materials like stone, marble, metals, lead and most plastics. This unique sealant and construction adhesive replaces numerous products from just one tube. It is widely recognised as the ultimate development in bonding and sealing.

CT1 can be used to seal an area and the Multisolve can be applied on top to get a smooth finish. Multisolve is also excellent for removing any old silicone prior to applying CT1.

Multisolve is a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent and has quickly become known in the UK as the best multi-purpose solvent cleaner in the market. This is a formulation you can trust to get the job done and to do so without damaging the original base material. This unique solvent can remove a huge range of materials including chewing gum, printing ink, wax, adhesives, oil, grease and silicone.

Unlike most solvents available on the market, Multisolve uses a less damaging method to remove substances. Most solvents will burn and etch into the substance, often penetrating the base. However, Multisolve uses a detaching method that does not harm the user or the surface area. Multisolve will leave no traces of oil film in its path. This saves time since you won’t have to do any extra clean-up work after the initial treatment is completed.

Power Grab N Bond is a vertical adhesive with exceptional capabilities. Miracle Seal is a leak sealer for water based systems, heating, cooling, under floor, air conditioning, solar panels and vehicle repairs. Finally WT1 is the latest technology in tanking. WT1 can be used to seal basements, wet rooms, bathrooms, terraces, flat roofs or outdoor floors.