Bringing online safety training into the 21st century

Online safety. Right. Got it.

Don’t give out your password. Don’t talk to strangers… Don’t use your real name?

That’s about it, really.

Online safety is a modern issue, but approaches to teaching it are still stuck in the dark ages of dial-up.

The publication of the Education for a Connected World framework and Online Harms Whitepaper have signalled a shift in policy and law towards adapting to the new digital age. But there has never been an online safety curriculum. There has never been a shared focus on online safety in schools.

This despite the fact there has never been a more important time to teach online safety.

The potential for good that comes with digital connection is enormous, but is not without its risks.

Stories of online safety incidents are increasingly common, from accounts being hacked and personal details being shared to cyberbullying and grooming.

Online safety training can often miss the mark – delivering out of date ideas or not speaking to what you really want to work on.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce Edify – a brand-new tool, developed by SWGfL, Peritus, and Senso.

Edify uses AI to deliver bespoke training, resources, and guidance to teachers.

This unique approach ensures that every member of staff is engaging in CPD that is relevant to them and that online safety will be consistently embedded in your curriculum, with fewer gaps in knowledge.
Utilising AI to make teacher training more relevant and higher-quality is the perfect representation of the power of tech for good – and it works like this:

  • Teachers answer a series of questions, grading themselves on a number of different aspects.
  • The intelligent tech from Peritus and Senso then uses AI to help teachers identify areas of training that will be most beneficial to them.
  • This data is then fed into the extensive set of training resources and advice guides provided by SWGfL, delivering a bespoke training programme to boost each teacher’s individual skillset.
  • Teachers can track their development and training schedule through Edify, seeing what progress they’ve made and what else is on the horizon.

For more information, and to be one of the first to benefit from Edify’s AI-led, expert-informed teacher training, visit the Edify website today.