Bringing the learner closer

Whether on London Bridge in an icy gale or on the floor of a B52 bomber, LGfL TRUSTnet has filmed in some unique, restricted, and at times uncomfortable locations. Recent highlights include Frederick Forsyth at home, exclusive access to the haunted corridor at Hampton Court Palace, a gladiatorial re-enactment at the Guildhall, and a sobering time in Berlin at a former Stasi Prison and Concentration Camp.

At the heart of LGfL TRUSTnet internal-resource generation is a clear commitment to providing high-quality learning resources that can enhance the role of the teacher in a school context, and provide an immersive experience for learners beyond the school day.

In recognition of the fact that not all children are fortunate enough to spend their weekends visiting museums, libraries and other locations with curriculum relevance, we aim to reduce inequality of opportunity by taking all learners to locations and experts that they might not otherwise be able to visit – within a safe and secure learning environment.

Video is an excellent medium in which to capture sights and sounds, but it can’t always capture the sense of scale, smells and atmosphere of an actual visit.

There have been times when the scenes captured for LGfL TRUSTnet resource clips have been upsetting, disturbing and profound – and sometimes humorous, too – but they are all captured within a strategic editorial context that focuses on enhancing the role of the teacher.

Where possible, primary-source material is used to enhance locational footage, and that is where the range of development partners is essential.

The National Archives, Scott Polar Research Institute, Museum of London and many more work in collaboration with us to help the learner gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of a subject.

The pace of technological change continues unabated, offering previously unimaginable opportunities to enhance learning both within and beyond the classroom.

No amount of careful video-editing can convey the full sense of foreboding one feels inside an underground mortuary in a nuclear bunker, so this is where other technologies can be harnessed to enhance the experience.

For example, whilst the scale of the nuclear-bunker site is hard to grasp even if you are in it, the LGfL TRUSTnet drone took to the skies this year for its inaugural filming flight to capture this in a way no other technology could.

In the same way, augmented reality in the Prehistory resource shows what a Megaloceros Giganteus might look like for pupils who are 400,000 years too late to see it in a zoo (or charging at them!).

Integration of augmented and virtual reality will increasingly feature in our future learning resources, to bring the learner ever closer to the subject matter.

Incorporating real-world context into everyday learning is another theme that many internally-produced learning resources explore, whether making life-or-death mathematical calculations to save the crew of a sinking fishing boat in Search and Rescue, or exploring the Maths behind a pandemic after the outbreak of a biological virus (Viral Contagion).

At LGfL TRUSTnet, we seek to recreate, model and capture real-world scenarios and bring them into the context of the National Curriculum.

Seeing real experts discussing their role and experiences, on location and in context, helps build a depth of knowledge and understanding that can be subsequently brought into roleplay, essay writing, picture-book creation or blog posts.

So why is it important to make the most of the latest online technologies in school? How will that help them in their journey through school?

Many of today’s schoolchildren will end up in careers that don’t even exist yet, working with technologies that have not even been invented.

Pupils’ future insight, expertise and creativity can all be enhanced with rich learning experiences. We have a commitment to the equality of provision that we hope transcends a child’s personal circumstance.

Examples of this are our extensive resources surrounding the study of the Holocaust, developed with the advice of experts to ensure that teachers and learners can study important and sometimes distressing topics in a safe and secure online environment.

In support of a broad and balanced curriculum, we offer support for the widest-possible range of topics, across all curriculum areas, including sensitive issues such as preventing homophobic bullying, understanding the plight of Syrian refugees, and the importance of counter-extremism within schools and local communities.

All these are the result of careful editorial activity undertaken by an experienced team of former teachers, supported by the LGfL TRUSTnet Editorial Board – itself made up of senior school and Local Authority experts and consultants.

In addition, we are committed to recognising pupils’ many and varied achievements as they journey through their education.

Nowhere is this better exemplified than by the London Schools Symphony Orchestra archive, which showcases one of the finest youth orchestras in the world. What a powerful example of the remarkable standard that can be consistently achieved when expert professional practitioners work effectively to nurture the talents and gifts within every child.

So whether it is by embedding video and images into a blog, listening to a journal extract from a Polar explorer, watching an augmented-reality object walk over your hand, or searching audio tracks that are happy or crazy on Audio Network, we are fully committed to providing innovative learning resources for teachers and learners – even if that does mean filming at strange locations in sub-zero conditions while most people are tucked up in bed!

We would be delighted to welcome more schools into the LGfL TRUSTnet community so they can integrate our unique content portfolio into their everyday teaching.

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