BookingsPlus, powered by Kajima Community

BookingsPlus is a complete online system designed to help you manage your school lettings effectively. Showcase your facilities for hire with the systems integrated website, generate online enquiries from potential customers and advertise your activities to users.

Manage customer and bookings information on one centralised system with built in invoicing and online payment functions. Generate financial reports and timetables at the click of a button as well as offer your customers a convenient way to view their bookings information and pay online.

To find out how BookingsPlus can help you to:

  • Save time
  • Reduce debtors
  • Market your facilities for hire
  • Easily share lettings information with customers/colleagues
  • Increase income

Contact us now at or visit for more information.

BookingsPlus, powered by Kajima Community.

For more details about Kajima’s outsourced lettings administration service SchoolBookings email Head of Community, Chris Smith.