The BIG problem

Over 10,000 hospital admissions in 2018 were directly attributed to obesity. 20 per cent of year six children classified as obese, where prevalence was over twice as high in the most deprived areas. With children spending over 1,330 hours in school a year, it makes sense to be encouraging them to be adding in 15 minutes of exercise a day (preferably more, but this is about what schools can do to help). That can equate to roughly 42,750kcal burned. That’s the equivalent of eating 166 Big Macs or climbing Ben Nevis 6 times! Finding fun ways to engage them will help to build in healthy habits of exercise they can take home with them and help prevent a future of weight related problems.

What can we do to help?

The physical and mental health of our children continues to be of real concern. The problems have crept up on us and are now so serious that immediate action is needed. The introduction of The Daily Mile for every child in thousands of schools and nurseries is now building a coherent national approach to the problem at grassroots level. The Daily Mile is easy to implement and fun to do, with no need to change into gym gear. A Daily Mile Track is fully inclusive, all weather ready and designed to be taken at the children’s own pace.

Playtherm to the rescue!

Playtherm is built on the foundation that we give half of our employment opportunities to ex forces personnel. We believe in supporting soldiers on their re-settlement into civilian life. Because of the make up of our teams we have been growing rapidly to encompass more than just groundwork and thermal markings. Teaming up with The Daily Mile Foundation we have been installing Daily Mile Tracks across the country, giving children access to a fun way to get exercise into their daily routines. We also design and install Trim Trails; remember walking through forests, climbing on tree stumps and makeshift bridges, or jumping on a rope swing? Trim Trails bring those memories to the masses in a safe and controlled way.

With curriculum changes and government targets ever changing, get in touch today to begin the process of installing a playground, Daily Mile Track or Trim Trail that will last at least 10 years, with 4 years warranty guaranteed.

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