Best Practice Advice For Getting The Most From Your Outdoor Space


There’s no denying the fact that outdoor learning is a key topic for any school. And it’s a topic that continues to attract widespread discussion with the on-going release of new advice and regulations.

Take the recommendations in the Department of Health’s ‘Childhood obesity: a plan for action’ report, for instance. According to the strategy, primary schools should deliver 30 minutes of ‘moderate to vigorous’ activity for pupils every day through active break times, extra-curricular physical education clubs and active lessons.

In order to be able to provide pupils with the right outdoor learning experience, you need to ideally provide them with the right type of environment. Some schools choose to totally redesign their outdoor areas to further accommodate outdoor learning and play.

However, there’s a less drastic, far more cost efficient and just as effective way of creating the right outdoor setting, which involves using your outdoor space to its full potential.

With an outdoor learning canopy or covered play canopy you can instantly transform neglected or underused school areas and playgrounds into inspiring outdoor spaces suitable for any purpose.

As well as providing a sheltered area that can be used all year round, schools are also using canopies to get the most from their outdoor space in another way.

Canopies are increasingly being recognised by schools as the solution to a common problem that the vast majority of them face and shows no sign of letting up – lack of space.

From creating additional classrooms and recreational areas, to providing extra dining space, more-and-more schools are installing canopies for a host of reasons, and getting the maximum use from their often-overlooked outdoor space in the process.

Contrary to popular belief, canopy systems aren’t a quick fix, temporary solution. Today’s canopies, are self-contained, multi-purpose buildings that can provide protection from wind, rain, and UV rays. They can also feature retractable roofs that are operated by a remote or smart device, sliding glass doors, integrated guttering and heating, as standard.

Whether you want to create an outdoor learning environment, sheltered play area or some much-needed additional space, canopy systems can tick all of these boxes and make sure you’re getting the most use of your outdoor space come wind, rain or shine.

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