BenQ are internationally renowned as a human technology provider and interactive flat panel expert in education. BenQ believes that hardware and software play equally important roles in an interactive classroom environment. This philosophy has driven the development of the RP Series, which is aimed at facilitating student learning and collaboration in every respect.

Total Eye-Care Solution
The RP Series incorporates BenQ’s TÜV-certified Flicker-Free Technology (accessible through Classroom Mode) to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels. This safeguards the eye health of teachers and students, preventing eyestrain, eye fatigue, and macular degeneration while at the same time ensuring instructional effectiveness. In addition, Low Blue Light Technology reduces harmful blue spectrum light emissions, and an anti-glare display minimizes reflections for the sake of more legible text and clearer image display.

20-Point Multi-Touch Interactivity
The RP Series 20-Point multi-touch support, the leading pioneer on the market, means more students can participate at once. Students can do everything from creating artwork to playing piano together and other sorts of highly engaging activities.

AG+ Screen
To protect students’ vision, BenQ RP Series has armed with anti-glare surface to reduce screen reflections, providing students with more legible texts. In search of the upmost healthy learning environment, BenQ RP Series further introduces AG+ Screen to enhance anti-glare surface with germ-resistant performance. Every time a touch screen is swiped or tapped, it accumulates germs. The AG+ Screen is coated with the ionic silver(Ag+) agent which can kill most bacteria on contact by disrupting their cell division mechanism. This can effectively block the spread of bacteria in your classroom.

BenQ puts a wide range of convenient, easy-to-use software apps at a teacher’s disposal, from BenQ’s own EZWrite to the highly popular software packages; DisplayNote™ & Oktopus exclusively in the UK. These software tools facilitate classroom instruction and interaction with enriched multimedia display options, colourful annotation, and real-time collaboration.

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