5-a-day Fitness

5-a-day Fitness is the ultimate, fun fitness resource for primary schools. Increase daily physical activity in your school with 5-minute exercise routines designed specifically for projection onto classroom screens.

These resources can be used at any time of the day to enhance learning and the curriculum with ease, there’s no need to rearrange the classroom or change into PE kits. A perfect opportunity to get pupils up and active first thing in the morning, a mid-lesson brain break, a refocusing tool, or to use up any excess energy they may have after lunch or break time.

Created by physical education teachers and exercise, dance, and activity specialists, 5-a-day Fitness aims to be easy to use and teacher friendly; especially for those who aren’t confident leading physical activity in the classroom. There’s no teacher training, planning, or preparation needed, simply log in, select a video, and let your class join in, have fun, get fit and learn!

The themed fitness routines are also available with Modern Foreign Language voice-overs and on-screen translations, making 5-a-day a great cross-curricular PE and language learning resource. Many of the videos are already available in French, Spanish and Welsh.

There is also a collection of 2-minute chill-out routines concentrating on relaxation, imagination, coordination and mindfulness.

Each routine enhances kinaesthetic learning, and utilises both audio and visual instructions and demonstrations. The music and choreography are written, created and licensed by 5-a-day Fitness with education and school appropriateness in mind. The routines are differentiated by complexity, and the language learning resources each have 3 levels of difficulty making 5-a-day Fitness an amazing cross-curricular Physical Education and Modern Foreign Language learning tool for Key Stage 1 and 2.

Offered as a yearly package, subscribing schools get unlimited access to 5-a-day’s easy to use video-on-demand service.There’s also a Home Access option available (as an upgrade), allowing pupils and parents to use 5-a-day Fitness resources at home, helping to keep pupils active and healthy after school, on weekends, and over the holidays.

Scientists have consistently proved that exercise stimulates the brain and prepares it for learning, yet physical activity is often overlooked in favour of more ‘academic’ subjects. 5-a-day Fitness believes that five-minute bursts of energy and exercise throughout the school day, that complement the existing curriculum, will help improve your pupils’ academic performance and concentration levels.

Try 5-a-day Fitness today, you won’t be disappointed! Visit www.5-a-day.tv for more information.