Schools Week is reporting that the number of referrals made by the education sector to the government’s anti-radicalisation scheme, Channel, has dramatically increased from 20 in 2012/13 to 424 last year.

Nick Timothy, the head of the New Schools Network (NSN), has called for an end to the ban on new grammar schools to give parents more choice.

Three parents are to launch a judicial review against the Government's decision to exclude non-religious world views from the religious studies (RS) syllabus.

The disparity between the richest 20 per cent and the poorest 20 per cent of pupils in Scotland is increasing, exam data has revealed.

64 per cent of head teachers are being forced to make significant cuts or dip into reserves to fill deficits, a survey has suggested.

New research published by the Oxford Review of Education suggests students who attended state schools are a third more likely to get a top degree at a leading university than their independently educated counterparts with similar A-level results.

A £10 million scheme has been launched to boost the teaching of literacy for 10,000 pupils in primary schools across the North East.

IT at GCSE and A-level will be scrapped as part of government reforms to qualifications.

The government has launched a new scheme that will recruit 1,500 ‘elite’ teachers and send them into under performing and failing schools to improve standards.

The government aims to have at least 90 per cent of pupils taking the full slate of Ebacc subjects at GCSE, according to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has confirmed that more rigorous testing will be introduced to calculate progress at key stage 2.

Due to a serious shortage of capital funding, around 700 academies have been ‘pushed’ into applying for loans in order to pay for urgent building improvements.