Pupils set to receive wrong GCSE grades on results day

Thousands of GCSE pupils are expected to be given incorrect grades on results day, experts have warned.

According to The Independent, students taking their exams this year, which are the first to be graded through a new numerical system opposed to the traditional A* - G, “should expect discrepancies within their results”.

The new system comes as part of plans to improve the value of grades and to allow schools, colleges and employers to differentiate between candidates better.

Experts have labelled the new system as “unreliable” and state that the number of pupils who will be given unreliable results in their English GCSE is set to rise from 30 per cent to 45 per cent.

Robert Coe, a professor in Durham University’s School of Education, said that in some cases a child’s grade will be “not much more than chance”.

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