UK aid money to help vulnerable girls get education across the Commonwealth

The government is putting in £212 million in UK aid money to help one million vulnerable girls across the Commonwealth receive 12 years of quality education by 2030.

The funding is in recognition that globally, over 130 million girls are not in school, and in conflict areas girls are over twice as likely to be out of school.

A Platform for Girls’ Education has also been launched, which comprises a group of 12 influential figures from across the Commonwealth to drive forward the political momentum on girls’ education. The group will hold countries to account and champion best practice across the Commonwealth. Amina Mohammed, the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Education will co-chair.

Australia, Ghana, Kenya and Sierra Leone are among other Commonwealth countries that have this week confirmed their own commitments to provide 12 years of quality education for all.

RH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the announcement, which was given by the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

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