Science is not being given enough priority in primary schools, research shows

Three in 10 primary teachers did not get any support in teaching science, according to a study commissioned by the Wellcome Trust.

As reported by Tes, the study revealed that many UK primary schools are teaching science for less than two hours a week.

In addition, it revealed that barriers to teaching science in primary schools include the fear that children would ask a question that they would not know the answer to; it’s a messy subject; and that it is time-consuming and reliant on heavy facts.

Findings by CFE Research and the University of Manchester also shows that on average, primary schools dedicate an hour and 24 minutes to the teaching of science each week.

The report concluded that across all primary school year groups, 58 per cent did not get two hours of science each week.

The figures are based on two surveys of teachers, including one of staff who led on the subject for their school.

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