Lib Dems pledge to invest £7 billion into children’s education

According to the Liberal Democrat’s manifesto, the party will inject an extra £7 billion into education “so no school loses money”.

In addition to this, the party has promised to triple Early Years Pupil Premium to £1000 in order to give children from disadvantaged backgrounds “the best start in life”.

The party plans to reintroduce maintenance grants for the poorest students, but there is no commitment to abolish tuition fees in England.

Instead, the Lib Dems promise a review of higher education finance in the next Parliament "to consider any necessary reforms, in the light of the latest evidence of the impact of the existing financing system on access, participation and quality".

The manifesto also says that the Lib Dems would put a stop to the planned expansion of grammar schools and give local authorities “clear responsibility for local school places planning”.

Free school meals for all primary schools in England has also been promised.

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