Primary pupils do not get recommended amount of exercise, data shows

According to figures released by Public Health England (PHE), less than a fifth of primary children get the recommended amount of exercise by the time they leave school.

The data was released alongside the launch of a new Change4Life campaign with Disney and Sport England, and shows that between the ages of five to seven and 11 to 12 there is a 39 per cent drop in the proportion being moderately active for at least an hour each day.

Twenty-eight per cent are on target between the ages of five and seven, however, this drops to 17 per cent between the ages of 11 and 12.

The new Change4Life scheme aims to get young people following their favourite Disney character in a 10-minute exercise challenge.

A poll of over 1,000 parents and 1,000 children shows support to the campaign and 79 per cent of parents felt that exercise made their children happier.

Participants also stated that exercise boosts confidence and made children more sociable.

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