Pupils share basic school tools to understand learning in poverty

Around 25,000 pupils are taking part in Share a Pencil Day today, 17 May, to learn about issues faced by children around the globe.

Children in a range of schools up and down the country are being asked to share a pencil for a single lesson, an afternoon or the whole day to experience what learning is really like for many children in other parts of the world.

The event is giving pupils the opportunity to learn about the issues faced by many children around the world trying to access an education while living in zones affected by conflict, natural disasters or extreme poverty, and who lack the basic tools and teachers they need to learn.

Evan Lewis the founder of Hope, the organisation behind Share a Pencil Day, said: “Education is the single most important thing a child can have to lift themselves and their families out of poverty and lead a better life.

“However, around 124 million children in the world are missing out on an education, and many more have to share even the most basic tools for learning, like pencils.”

Lewis continued: “Share a Pencil Day is a fun, interactive way for schools and children in the UK to get involved. Not only does this make children aware of the difficulties faced by others, but teachers also have to work around the constraints this creates.”

Schools and teachers can download lesson plans, films and posters to support learning.

In addition to this, proceeds from Share a Pencil Day pencils will go towards Hope’s Bright Futures mission in partnership with Plan International UK, supporting the charity’s education projects worldwide.

Share A Pencil Day is aimed at children in years five to 10, but anyone can take part.

Once teachers have registered their interest online, they can access a range of resources to help them plan their sharing day.

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