Labour promises to invest billions into a “national education service”

Labour’s manifesto has outlined plans to inject £25 billion into a national education service, which is expected to be funded from extra tax revenue.

According to the manifesto, “Labour will create a unified National Education Service (NES) for England to move towards a cradle-to-grave learning that is free at the point of use.”

It goes on to say that the NES will be built on the principle that “Every Child- and Adult - Matters”.

The party says that it will scrap tuition fees in England, reintroduce maintenance allowances, and limit class sizes.

Labour has also labelled the Conservative’s plan to roll out grammar schools a “vanity project” and state that Labour “will not waste money on inefficient free schools”.

Further promises by the party include introducing free school meals for all primary school children; abandoning plans to reintroduce baseline assessments; and extending schools-based counselling to improve children’s mental health.

The Conservative Party has, however, labelled the manifesto “nonsensical”.

*Photo courtesy of Chatham House, London

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