Brexit could hinder teacher supply growth, union says

According to union NASUWT, the teacher supply in Scotland could be threatened by Brexit, making teacher retention issues worse.

General secretary, Chris Keates, told teachers at the Union’s Scotland Annual Conference that “Scotland recruits around 500 teachers a year from the EU and that current recruitment issues in the profession will be worsened if Brexit prevents or deters their appointment to posts in Scotland’s schools and colleges”.

She continued: “Immigration, border control and restricting freedom of movement have serious implications for public services, including schools and colleges”.

“Overseas trained teachers play an important role in teacher supply. Scotland recruits on average 500 teachers per year from the EU.”

“Many of these teachers are our members and they are already reporting to us that they are seriously considering quitting teaching in the UK, particularly in the light of the increasingly hostile environment in which they work.”

She went on to say that the situation is “exacerbated” by the government’s migrant worker cap which requires the deportation of workers who fail to reach an annual salary of £30,000 in five years”, with such salaries being but a “pipe dream for most teachers”.

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