Scottish school's IT systems are “not fit for purpose”

According to the union NASUWT, ICT provision in schools is failing teachers and pupils.

At the Annual Conference of NASUWT Scotland, teachers heard that current IT systems and equipment in schools are not fit for purpose and must be “urgently upgraded to cope with the demands of the curriculum”.

Teachers at the conference have called on the Scottish government to “commit to making adequate finances available to ensure all schools have effective and up to date ICT systems for pupils and staff”.

Representatives discussed the problems with current ICT infrastructure in their schools, including outdated software, poor internet connections, lack of or ageing hardware and unacceptably limited capacity on computer networks, meaning multiple pupils cannot use school computers at the same time.

Chris Keates, the union’s general secretary, said: “It is clear that current ICT systems in many schools are not fit for purpose and significant investment is required to ensure that they meet the needs of 21st-century education provision.

“It is also clear that there are inequalities between schools in terms of the quality and quantity of ICT hardware and software. This must be addressed to ensure all schools have high-quality equipment to aid pupils’ learning.”

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