Schools should have contracts between teachers and parents

New contracts between teachers and parents to outline responsibilities of both parties around homework and support has been proposed for schools.

A study by the Commission on Inequality in Education, chaired by Nick Clegg, has identified the differences in parental engagement as a key factor in the education gap between rich and poor.

To increase parental engagement, the report calls for new contracts between teachers and parents, outlining responsibilities around homework, support and contact by both parties.

The report says that teachers should commit to setting high-quality homework that demonstrably improves the child’s educational development and to supporting parents in helping their children.

It calls for parents to commit to ensuring that this homework is completed and given due care, and to having regular contact with the school to discuss progress. Contracts should be signed in the early weeks of first attending school and renewed annually with each year’s teachers as the child progresses through the school.

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