Thorpe Park launch three-day STEM workshop for Science Week

Thorpe Park Resort is set to launch a new workshop in partnership with the British Science Association to encourage careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.

The three-day workshop will take place during science week on 28 March and will feature a range of activities including live experiments and Q&As with special guest speakers.

Sixteen different classroom sessions will be available at Thorpe Park for teachers to choose from, which includes the Science of Rollercoasters and business workshops.

Live experiments from Mad Science will take place on the first two days and activities with engineers will be available on the final day.

Speakers include the man that walked on custard to demonstrate a non-Newtonian fluid, Jon Tickle, STEM ambassadors Rachel Melvin and Dr James Moss, and former RAF engineer and current group engineering director for Merlin, and Dawn Elson who was recently voted as one of the UK’s Top 50 females in engineering.

In addition to this, STEM Speed Sessions will run throughout the year after it is launched at science week. This allows school groups to pick one ride and a key topic for discussion as part of a 10-minute learning class.

After the session, the group will be given a FastTrack so they can put what they’ve learnt into practice, skip the queue, and speed onto their next ride at the Park.

Entrance to a Science Day session at Thorpe Park is £15 per person. This will include access to rides, a range of activities, free GPS challenges with STEM activities, and downloadable resources.

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