Ofsted to research behaviour management best practice

Ofsted's Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman has said that Ofsted needs to understand what good practice in behaviour management looks like, and will be conducting further research so that it can better inform inspectors.

Recent research by Ofsted into behaviour management has revealed that while there was evidence of promising results, the watchdog still has some continued concerns around the management of behaviour in some schools.

One concern was that schools have differing views of what good behaviour is, and different emphases in training, which means it is hard to tell what actually works best in developing good behaviour for all pupils.

The new education inspection framework (EIF), which contains a separate behaviour and attitudes judgement, will bring a greater focus on behaviour on inspection, and allow Ofsted to probe more deeply into what schools do and how well this is working.

Amanda Spielman also announced that behaviour management will also be a focus in upcoming initial teacher education inspection framework.

She said: "It’s vital that the next generation of teachers know the important principles of behaviour management, how to teach pupils to behave and how to create an environment that allows them to focus on learning."

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