Primary teachers to lose bursaries next year

Bursaries issued to students training to be primary teachers are set to be scrapped as of next year, the Department for Education (DfE) has revealed.

According to Tes, despite the primary teacher bursaries being scrapped, there will be rises for biology and English teachers, and new retention payments for maths teachers.

At the moment, £3,000 is currently available for trainee primary teachers, with a First or PHD.

However, next year this will no longer be available.

But, a trainee biology teacher will be able to get up to £26,000, if they have a First, 2:1 or 2:2 degree.

This is up from the £15,000 available for a First, the £12,000 if they have a 2:1, or the £10,000 for a 2:2.

Bursaries for English teachers have also increased from £9,000 for those with First or 2:1 degrees in the current academic year to £15,000 next year – a bursary that will be open to those with 2:2 degrees as well.

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