Gender division still remains in schools, research shows

Gender stereotypes are still around in classrooms with girls preferring arts and humanities and boys favouring maths and sciences, a survey shows.

As reported by Tes, 49 per cent of boys aged between seven and 15 noted IT or computing as a favourite school subject, compared with 26 per cent of girls.

The analysis conducted by Mintel also shows that 47 per cent of boys liked PE and 41 per cent liked maths, compared with 43 per cent of girls that said art was one of their favourite subjects, followed by English (32 per cent) and music (23 per cent).

Nineteen per cent of boys said that art was a favourite subject, followed by English with 16 per cent and music (12 per cent).

Outside the classroom, 44 per cent of children said that being a plumber, builder or electrician was "for boys", while just five per cent said this is was a job "for girls".

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