UK Space Agency funds new STEM education projects

The UK Space Agency has awarded £210,000 of funding for seven new education and outreach activities.

The projects are designed to inspire interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and provide exciting contexts for the teaching of a range of subjects. This will help the growth of the space sector, which is currently hampered by the lack of graduates and technicians with relevant qualifications.

One of the funded projects is MELT, which will allow students to understand and analyse key earth observation data relating to the North and South Pole.

This work is in collaboration with Robert Swan on his Antarctic expedition. He said: “I’m delighted to be working with IRIS on the MELT project. Students looking at Earth observation of the poles will be directly observing our South Pole Energy Challenge and seeing what a crucial role they have in understanding and taking care of their environment.”

Another project is with the Design and Technology Association to inspiring the next generation with design and technology in space.

Emma Watson from The Design and Technology Association said: “The Design and Technology Association are delighted to be working with the UK Space Agency to develop a series of curriculum based resources which will use the design and technology curriculum as a platform to motivate more young people to consider careers in the space industry.

“Structured around Earth Observation, Satellite Launch Systems and the James Webb Space Telescope, these innovative resources will inspire young people to imagine new possibilities, drawing on their existing STEM knowledge, and applying it to real-life space contexts.”

More details on each of the projects will be available as they develop their resources and activities.

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