We look at safety in the great outdoors, the classroom and public life, and explain risk and learning the consequences of judging and misjudging it

There are several accreditation badges activity centres can apply for to ensure safe outdoor learning. Brian Ogden, chair of the Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee, explains

Play has always been an essential part of the school day, but with cuts and rising levels of obesity, children’s access to play spaces, both in school and in communities, is facing important changes

Learning outdoors and school gardening are brilliant starting points for developing a fundamental understanding of our dependence on the natural world. Eden project explains

There’s much to learn in British classrooms today, however, Garry Campbell from environmental charity Groundwork, explains how moving lessons outdoors can be a practical way to boost schoolchildren’s learning potential while reconnecting them with nature

David Harvey, acting head of two Lake District outdoor education centres, and chair of the AHOEC’s Northern Region, argues that outdoor experiences can deliver profound benefits and nurture skillsets that extend young personalities in ways not achievable in the classroom.

Residential outdoor learning can be a powerful experience that brings out the qualities, skills, knowledge and competencies that young people need to address the challenges of the future