Plugging in to the potential of mobile technology

Despite some conflicting opinions, technology seems destined to play an increasingly prominent role in the classroom. Education Business examines the role of mobile technology and how schools can fully harness its potential.

Building digital literacy outside the classroom

With computing now in its second year as part of the English National Curriculum, Maria Quevedo, director of the UK arm of the not-for-profit Code Club, details the benefits that running extra-curricular computing clubs can offer schools, staff and pupils alike.

Computing: Digital divides and evangelist educators

A new and more challenging programme of study has been announced for computing on the national curriculum. Dave Whyley and Brett Laniosh of Naace analyse the current situation in schools and discuss the benefits, progress and challenges that any changes may pose.

Ed-tech: an ill-advised purchase or a critical investment?

Following this years Bett, Education Business hears from Naace’s Mark Chambers and Dave Smith, BESA’s Caroline Wright and head teacher Tony Ryan on the future of educational technology.

Classroom AV: what should you consider?

Mark Chambers, CEO of Naace, interviewed a selection of head teachers about the factors they consider when purchasing AV technologies for their school, how they manage curriculum development and what they’ve found to work in their classrooms.


Ken Corish, online safety manager of the UK Safer Internet Centre and SWGfL, discusses the challenges faced by schools when it comes to online safety and how these issues can be addressed.

How mobile tech is transforming education

Mobile and connected technology is playing an increasingly important role in teaching. Mary Palmer, director of Techknowledge for Schools, shares the charity’s recent findings and examples from the heart of the digital classroom.

Better maintenance of equipment can optimise its value and save money in the long run. Caroline Wright, director general designate of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), shares advice from its member organisations to help schools extend the life of computers and accessories

Opting for refurbished products doesn’t necessarily mean compromising performance. Bill Champness looks to dispel the myths surrounding refurbished IT equipment

The recent security flaw in Impero’s school internet security software had the potential to expose an entire network of school data to theft and exploitation. In this article, Drew Buddie, chair of Naace discusses the importance of protecting and managing students’ data effectively

Reliable and secure broadband connectivity is now an essential component to teaching, learning and management within schools. Education Business analyses the latest information

With an ever increasing reliance on the digital world, Andrew Blacoe of iTeach explores the reasons why mobile technology has become the daily staple of school life

BESA director Caroline Wright examines the current usage of audio visual and mobile technology in education, what the barriers to adoption are, and what future trends may look like

CESG, the information security arm of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), has released its paper ‘E-Security: Managing and maintaining e-security/cyber-security in schools’. Education Business analyses how schools can ensure protection by adopting basic cyber security procedures

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL), a community of 2,500 schools, academies and local authorities which benefit from the bulk buying of Internet connectivity in London Boroughs, has launched TRUSTnet – a nationwide service which enables substantial savings plus a range of essential resources