RIBA’s Emilia Plotka examines how excellent design can help the government’s capital funding programme stretch as far as possible.

Expanding schools from a legal perspective

The risks involved with signing up to construction contracts, and the ongoing complexities arising from academisation plans, require a legal perspective. Andrea Squires of law firm Winckworth Sherwood addresses what schools should consider when discussing the prospect of expanding.

More and more schools are turning to modular build solutions as a result of two unmanageable and unrelenting increases – a rise in pupil place demand and a rise in building cost. Education Business looks at both increases and how modular buildings form part of the solution.

With pupil numbers on the increase and school places more contested, Jackie Maginnis, of the Modular Portable Building Association, looks at the fast capacity that modular buildings hold to construct more than just basic classrooms.

Why prevention is always better than cure

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors explains why maintenance is always better than refurbishment when it comes to roofing.

Collaboration, imagination and sensible budgeting

The rpa:group discuss the architectural design of schools, the planning that goes into meeting standards and the changing appearance of the classroom.

A well-designed lighting scheme can not only save on energy bills, it can have a positive impact on a child’s performance and well-being at school, writes Jo Jackson from the Lighting Industry Association.

The RIBA Awards celebrate success in architecture across the UK. With many schools shortlisted and announced as winners across the regional categories, Education Business looks at some of the architectural brilliance that is being recognised in our schools.

Acoustics of schools:  a design guide

Education Business discusses the importance of acoustic considerations in the design of classrooms, as well as noise control and sound insulation. Highlighting the key factors in the planning of such rooms, we detail why schools benefit from proper, well designed acoustic classrooms and how attention to acoustic detail has the potential to enhance learning.

Learning in the best buildings available

The learning environment can have a big impact on how pupils respond in lessons. Education Business takes a look at the recent successes of the Priority School Building Programme.

Designing schools fit for the future

The Society of British and International Design, looks at the importance of different design stages and how finance managers should prioritise school design as a prime factor in their budgeting.

Refurbishing the places in which we learn

13 new buildings opened last month through the government’s Priority School Building Programme. Education Business takes a look at the recent successes of the programme.

Designing buildings for successful learning

Following the government’s flagship £4.4 billion Priority School Building Programme, Education Business takes a look at its recent successes and examines what makes a successful rebuild.

Modular Building

Is ‘modular’ the solution to the school places crisis? Graham Olway, principal manager, Capital Planning & Projects at West Sussex County Council, shares his thoughts on why ‘modular’ and not ‘traditional’ may be able to provide the most suitable solution to the impending school places crisis.

Born in the USA: funding success from the States

With funding opportunities for school capital projects thin on the ground in the UK, is it time to explore other ways of raising money for improvement programmes? Education experts Mairi Johnson and Chris Watson compare the UK and US education funding systems.